Article 16 : Work, Rest and the Lord's Day

Category: Confession of Faith Published: Thursday, 20 June 2013 Written by Joseph Kwan

Work, Rest and the Lord’s Day

We believe that God’s act of creation is the model for human activity. While sin has corrupted work and rest, redeemed people are called to restore labour and rest to their proper place.


As creatures made in the image of God, Christians imitate the Creator by working faithfully as they are able. They are to use their abilities and resources to glorify God and to serve others. Because they bear the name of Christ, all believers are called to work honestly and diligently and to treat others with respect and dignity.


As God rested on the seventh day, people are called to observe regular times of rest. Rest is an act of thankfulness for what God has provided. Rest is also an act of trust, reminding humans that it is not their work but God who sustains them. Finally, rest is an act of hope, anticipating the future rest assured by the resurrection of Jesus.

The Lord’s Day

Following the New Testament example, believers gather to commemorate the resurrection of Christ on the first day of the week. On the Lord’s Day, believers joyfully devote themselves to worship, instruction in the Word, prayer, breaking of bread, fellowship and service. They limit their labour to work of necessity and deeds of mercy.

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