Reformation 500 Conference

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The Reformation 500 Conference was held by MBCCA in South Vancouver Pacific Grace MB Church. The audio recordings and handouts follows:

Notice of special meeting CCMBC

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In light of the executive board's recent decision to continue the MB Herald, and to use focus groups and surveys to communicate with constituents (read letter here), the Canadian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches has called a special meeting on the morning of Oct. 21, 2015, prior to its Annual General Meeting and study conference in Winnipeg, Man., to conduct additional business.

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BCMB Common Understandings

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This statement describes the ethos and priorities that we as Mennonite Brethren churches in British Columbia share and to which we aspire. It is intended to encourage, guide and inspire one another to greater faithfulness and effectiveness, and promote understanding for those who are new to our fellowship. Our Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith remains the authorized and comprehensive doctrinal foundation upon which these understandings are built. (The statement has been adopted in the BC Convention 2015.)

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MBCCA 2015 Events

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Events scheduled by MBCCA this year

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Building To Bless

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Port Moody (B.C.) Pacific Grace MB Church celebrated a miracle Nov. 23, 2014, with the dedication of the New Blessed House adjacent to their church building.

Acquired with the main church building in 1995, historic arts and crafts house Moisio Residence had gone from white elephant to millstone around the neck for PMPGMBC. The single-story house built in 1912 is a designated heritage building which meant very few alterations could be made to adapt it to PMPGMB’s growing ministry needs. In 2000, PMPGMBC purchased a building on Clarke Street to serve as administration offices.

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Rev. Joseph Sun is with the Lord

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Rev. Joseph Sun (1948-2014) was born to a Christian family in Hong Kong.  Upon completing high school, he responded to God's calling to engage in pastoral ministry and attended China Bible Seminary and Alliance Bible Seminary where he obtained his Bachelors and Masters degrees respectively.

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2015 Executive Committee And New Structure

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In their meeting on December 4, 2014, the MB Chinese Churches Association elected its Executive Committee for 2015:
1. Rev. Antony Law (Lead Pastor of South Vancouver Pacific Grace MB Church)
2. Pastor David Leung (Assistant to Conference Minister for Chinese Churches)
3. Rev. Peter Teh (Senior Pastor of North Shore Pacific Grace MB Church)
4. Rev. Stephen Cheung (Senior Pastor of North Shore Pacific Grace Mandarin Church)
5. Rev. Xavier Law (Senior Pastor of Pacific Grace MB Church)

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Inception, Partners & Family

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Rev. Charlie Chun is an ethnic Korean. He responded to God's call to serve in the English ministry of South Vancouver Pacific Grace MB Church four and a half years ago. This is the speech he made in the ordination service held October 19, 2014.

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