Appointment of Assistant to the Conference Minister for Chinese Churches

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The BCMB Executive Board is pleased to announce the appointment of David Leung in a new position as the Assistant to the Conference Minister for Chinese Churches, effective September 1st 2014. We have come to know and trust David as a dear brother in Christ and faithful servant, particularly among our 18 Chinese churches in BC and across Canada.

 For over a decade BCMB has enjoyed the benefit that Canadian Conference Stewardship Rep David Leung has provided as a support and connection for the BC Conference with our Chinese Churches. The Canadian Conference has made changes that will bring this position to a close at the end of August. This season of transition has caused us to recognize the benefit of having a person function in relationship to our Chinese congregations who understands their distinct cultural and social milieu. The BCMB Conference is presented with a unique opportunity to create a volunteer liaison position, Assistant to the Conference Minister for Chinese Churches (ACMCC), and engage David to serve in this capacity maximizing his relational connections and gifting. The ACMCC will work in close partnership with the BC Conference Minister to give oversight and support to our Chinese pastors, churches and ministries in fulfillment of our mission and vision statements and in accordance with our guiding documents. The ACMCC will focus on engaging with BCMB Chinese Congregations, encouraging them in their mission, connecting with their leadership and pastoral teams, strengthening relational ties with the Conference, and assisting them with administrative inquiries.  

An official installation for the wider BCMB family will happen at our spring convention at South Langley MB.

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