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Rev. Charlie Chun is an ethnic Korean. He responded to God's call to serve in the English ministry of South Vancouver Pacific Grace MB Church four and a half years ago. This is the speech he made in the ordination service held October 19, 2014.

What brought me to serve God full time

My journey began in 1990 during a short term mission trip to Tashkent, Uzbekistan.  I met a little girl who changed my life.  She attended one of our bible camps.  During one meeting after our speaker gave his message, we encouraged everyone to pray.  About 10 minutes after we began our prayer, she started weeping, really crying out to God. 

After the prayer we started handing out gifts to everyone and I went to her first.  I had many interesting gifts in my hands.  Toys, beautiful pencil case, cute t shirts, etc.  I offered her to pick what she wanted thinking that will cheer her up.  Instead she pointed her finger at a young boy standing in the corner.  She told me that was her brother and asked if I can pray so that he can come to know Jesus the way she had come to know him.  I was curious so I asked why she was crying so desperately during our prayer time.  She told me she understood God's love for her and felt so ashamed of her sinfulness. 

What could she have done at the age of 8 that could make her so painfully aware and mourn for her sinfulness? Was I ever aware of my sinfulness and brokenness as she did? God really convicted me through her and opened my heart.  And for the first time since I believed, I felt my heart deeply concerned for the well being of another person.  As I was praying for her I was compelled to say in tears "God please listen to her prayer and grant her wish.  Please take all the blessings you have planned for me and give it to her." 

I could not cease praying for them even after my return and many months later I heard God’s call to go and help. I went to Russia assisting our church missionary couple who had planted a church.  I believe I have been serving the Lord in ministry since then. 

God used an 8 year old girl to open my heart and gave me a vision to see what my life was meant to be.  I saw that there was no greater purpose and reward in life then share God's love to those who do not know Him and watch them transform to love God themselves.  It has been over 20 years since my ministry journey began and Lord has blessed me to meet many wonderful people including all of you who are sitting here today.  I also pray to God that the Lord would bless me to continue on until I am able to see His face one day.

Who were instrumental in helping me to grow?

During my journey Lord had used many different groups of people to help me to grow and become more mature.  About 4 and half years ago, I had filled out an application for EM pastoral duties with South Vancounver Pacific Grace Church.  Prior to that time, I had never been away from Korean church and culture.  But what I did was not simply myself trying to do something new.  I truly believe that Lord wanted me to be with the Chinese congregation in order to learn and grow through experiencing Christianity through Chinese perspective. 

I learned how premium emphasis is given to learn and understand the scripture.  I experienced how gentle you are in your dealings with each other including general and board meetings.  I also learned with great gratitude how patient you are in giving pastors every opportunity to overcome their shortcomings and grow.  I felt that I was treated as a brother and neither as a boss nor an employee and that was really important for me considering my past experience. 

I must admit though, at first the cultural difference was difficult to adapt but over time through your encouragement, love, and guidance, I was able to settle in and grow as a Christian leader.  I thank you so very much for impacting my life as my brothers and sisters.

My hope as we head toward the future is that we would grow more in trust of one another in order that we may be able to share and embrace each other’s healthy differences that may bring positive changes to our spirituality. That I would also proceed away from simply carrying on the legacy of the past but move forward to envision the future with you.  We would do this slowly but surely because that's the way we do it in our community.

Thanks to my family

Finally, I want to thank my wife Naomi.  I'm so sorry to have you wait so long for you to enjoy this moment.  I guess it's because I never grew up and become mature as I should.  But I hope you of all people would understand.  For last 11 years of our 12 year marriage, we raised 4 children.  You know those Disney movies that we never stopped watching gets to your mind and those songs gets in your head.  You know how I sat down with all the kids through the years and play with those figurines; they expect you to get into the role. Then without you knowing your mind starts become like theirs and you really start to enjoy it and you become like kids.

All kidding aside, I want to tell you that more we grow old with each other, more I become astounded by how God knew precisely what kind of person I was for Him to provide exactly the wife I needed.  You really do complete me and I am so grateful to be your partner. 

There was an occasion when our deacons, out of their care and concern for me, asked me what they can do to help me.  I told them honestly that I really have everything I need through our family.  I told them that our home was my sanctuary and refuge from all that happens in life and ministry because I always feel loved by you and the kids. I love listening to kids running down the stairs to hug daddy when I come home from work and I really enjoy the look on your face when I come home that says “I missed you so much today.” 

This event, this celebration, is just as much for you and the kids as it is for me. Proverbs 31:28 says “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her” and this passage explains you perfectly. You are our gift from God and we thank you.

And thank you everyone so much for being my spiritual family.  "You complete me too."

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